Wildfire Flame-SnifferTM (patent pending)

Early fire detection and fully automatic stand-alone wildfire protection systems.

Flame-Sniffer sensor units provide unparalleled technology to detect fire, operate remote fire defense system and inform owner of system operation status, all without requiring any human intervention.

Our Mission is to save lives and homes from ember and wildfire attacks

Do not stay and defend your home, leave! Wildfires are unpredictable and deadly. Loss of visibility, power, water and oxygen are typical conditions that one risks if staying behind. Even the most highly trained firefighters are at risk during wildfires. Economical defense systems that are fully automatic can be conveniently installed and will protect your property.

We all need to take personal responsibility for protecting ourselves, our family and our community against wildfires. The Fire Department takes every step to protect you, your family and your property. With wind driven embers creating a multitude of fires as they travel ahead of the fire front, there are simply not enough firefighters, planes and fire engines available to defend every home.

Early detection is the best method in preventing and controlling wildfires. By detecting wildfires early with our system, communicating that information to authorities and engaging remote wildfire defense systems, the threat of wildfires is substantially reduced.

Our Goals
  • Real-time early wildfire warning alerts that provide the greatest lead time to safely evacuate.
  • Provide real-time wildfire conditions across communi¬ties and to local emergency service organizations.
  • Deliver the most innovative, cost-effective, and fail-safe wildfire solutions.
  • Deliver early warning wildfire detection and protection in all areas where wildfire threat exists.
Our Team

We are a team of wildfire professionals and informa¬tion technology experts dedicated to the design, development and implementation of early warning technology and defense systems. Our team are recognized experts in:
  • Wildfire defense systems
  • Mission-critical stand-alone infrastructure (water & power)
  • Wireless communications, telemetry and inter-networking
  • Environmental sensor technology
  • Real-time mobile- and web-based software applications
  • Electrical engineering
  • Polymer engineering
  • Water management and conservation

Real-Time Notification

Registered recipients receive current status updates via smart phone, SMS or Online, reducing the number and frequency of requests sent through Emergency Service hotlines requesting the current status of a wildfire.

Connectivity With Existing Emergency Services

Detailed information is dispatched to Emergency Service consoles through a variety of communication and internet services. This real-time information ensures that Emergency Services are constantly updated with changing conditions, location and direction of a wildfire.

Wireless Sensor - Solar Power

Flame-Sniffer Detection Networks

Flame-Sniffer wireless ground-based sensor net¬works detect the onset of fire from any ignition source: lightning strike, arson, power-line arcing or accidental ignition.This immediate detection, combined with data detailing the current climatic factors at the ignition site, provides Fire Departments, Emergency Service Agencies and Utility Companies with real-time pinpoint information to rapidly contain and extinguish wildfires. Every residential protection system is part of a larger network, which is monitored 24 hours a day. Our Networks provide real-time, ground-based intelligence and remote site management to save lives, protect assets, enable rapid fire containment and significantly reduce all costs associated with the destructive nature of wildfires.

Flame-Sniffer Protection Systems

Flame-Sniffer designs and manufactures intelligent, fully automatic, stand-alone systems specific to each application. This ensures complete protection of any structure or residential property. All systems are constructed using the most advanced materials available to ensure every system operates flawlessly.

The status of each component contained in every system is monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and is accessible via the Flame-Sniffer Command Center web- site. Our continuous monitoring ensures complete operational status of each individual sensor unit, network and protection system located anywhere in the world.

Fire Detection

Flame-Sniffer patented fire detection units provide unmanned fire detection 24 hours a day.

Detection is performed by multiple sensors contained within each individual unit.The presence of flame, smoke, heightened temperature and climatic conditions are monitored and displayed continuously in real-time. Upon detection, sensors automatically activate a structural sprinkler system to protect the property and help save lives. The sensors also issue an instant alarm to registered recipients detailing the status of all sensors, the current system function (activated, deactivated) and real- time climatic conditions at the property.

The sensor data displayed provides a real-time overview of wildfire threat - it highlights the status of each sensor protecting the property, a Google map of the property and surrounding area along with the individual status of each sensor contained in the surrounding network.

Flame-Sniffer clients can view the threat, their property and the operation of the protection system remotely via multiple cameras contained in each sensor unit.

Each unit provides continuous real-time data
  • Presence of flame / smoke
  • Current climatic conditions at the property
  • Individual sensor status
  • 360 degree webcam images
  • Current temperature
  • Power level
  • Signal strength
Wireless sensor features:
  • Engages, disengages and re-engages remote sprinkler systems
  • Remotely programmable
  • Solar powered with internal power backup
  • False alarm tolerant
  • Real-time, on-the-spot monitoring and control from anywhere.
When a threat is detected, Flame-Sniffer sensors will automatically activate the fire protection system to pro-tect the property from ember attack and the fire front.

Once triggered, the Flame-Sniffer Detection system automatically notifies the homeowner of the threat and provides the status of all sensors and system activations.

Detection System Components
  • Minimum 3 sensor units including communication gateways
  • Interface Module for connection to protection system
  • Power backup module for communication equipment
  • Solar panels and mounting components
  • Software
  • System installation
System Features
  • All detection systems are stand-alone in operation uti-lizing their own power supply - with zero reliance on municipal power
  • 24-hour, 365-day standby operation
  • Multiple sensor reliability
  • Automatic activation - requires no human intervention to operate
  • Instantly sends alerts to registered recipients once sensor detects a threat, system activation and system deactivation

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